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DynaXF Technology

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DynaXF Technology is a commercial technology developed by Come Over Gaming. At its core, the technology is based on a modular and scalable physics engine developed exclusively on the Unreal Engine 5 platform.

DynaXF Technology provides the necessary tools for the development and implementation of your exclusive content on our physics engine. With our proprietary pipeline and dedicated third-party tool support, you can recreate environments based on real terrain data and optimize them in record time.


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Detailed Environments

Advanced Physics

100% Modular

DynaXF Technology is designed for:

  • Game developers who need a simulation technology foundation for their project.

  • Motorsport teams who require a simulation platform tailored exclusively to their needs and expandable with proprietary content.

  • Car manufacturers who need an exclusive platform for marketing their products.

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Contact Us

For quotes or to learn more about how DynaXF Technology can help your business, do not hesitate to contact us.

Come Over Gaming S.L.U.

Auzolan kalea 25-13

20303, Irun


Phone: +34 648 54 39 15


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