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Custom Computers

We design and assemble computers for simulators, video games and virtual reality. We advise our clients on the latest components and upcoming technologies so that they make the right choice.

Our Services

We know that the computer is the heart of any high-end simulator, but also necessary to enjoy a realistic and immersive gaming experience. We believe that the selection of components and the balance between performance/price can be a headache for many of our clients and even more so when creating a computer for virtual reality. For this reason, we advise, develop and assemble computers for professionals, companies, simracers and gamers.

Help and Consultancy

we strive to provide the best solution for our clients' needs and budget. We also pay attention to the aesthetics of the computer, ensuring that it not only performs well but also looks impressive.

Design and Development

We carefully select and combine components to provide the best possible performance for simulations without overspending on unnecessary features. We strive to find the perfect balance between maximizing performance and avoiding unnecessary costs.

Assembly and Transport

Our technicians will personally travel to your home or business to connect and test the computer, ensuring that everything is working as it should be.

What do all our services include?

  • Meetings to learn about our client's needs.

  • Proposal with the model and specs of the computer

  • Components selection, assembly, software installation and setting up.

  • Shipment and installation of the computer where the client requires it.

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We will help you with the selection of the best computer for you

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