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Development of VR Video Games

As a full-service game development company, Come Over Gaming offers a range of services including the creation of complete video games and individual assets for our clients. One of our most successful projects to date is DreamBack VR" a highly acclaimed virtual reality horror game that has captivated audiences around the world.

DreamBack VR

DreamBack VR is our first game. DreamBack VR is a virtual reality, first-person psychological horror game where you explore the eerie Rickfford Mansion, trying to unravel its mysteries and survive the experience with your sanity intact.

What do we do?

Concept Phase and Meetings 

We hold meetings with our clients to understand the requirements of the video game development project.

Design and Development

of the Video Game 

We create the story, the physics, the interface and the game experience. In short, we offer a 360º service in game development. 

Promotional Content & Marketing

We publish the games on the most popular platforms attractively with promotional videos and renders.

Our game development and VR services are for:

  • Video game development companies that require technical support and extra personnel resources

  • Companies, entities and institutions that need to create virtual reality environments:

    • Real estate​ agencies

    • Industrial design studios

    • Architects

    • Museums

    • Car manufacturers

    • Industrial machinery manufacturers

Our Works

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